About Us

Looking for cash, sell your trash.
Today, with a rise in health awareness, lifestyle, convenience (doorstep services), pollution, land fillings, and many more reasons allow us to think out of the box. And after months of extensive industry and market research we take step to join this vast and un-organized waste recycling industry and established crapbin.

crapbin, the word crap which means waste, thus the intended meaning of crapbin is “waste bin”. We recycle today to give our children a healthy tomorrow.
crapbin started the journey in the heart of the city, Hyderabad. We work online and on your fingertips so that you can sell or donate your scrap in just three easy steps. Once you book a pickup request online, our well educated and pleasant staff will pick up the scrap from your doorstep and also assist you with anything it takes to make your experience with crapbin hassle-free and delightful. Whether it is helping you empty your appliances or sort your ferrous and non-ferrous items. crapbin knows customer satisfaction comes first.

We are open 7 days a week for your convenience. We accept any kind of scrap from household, commercial, hospitals, institutes etc. If you have books, newspaper, paper, school textbook, magazine, cardboard, glasses, beer bottles, soft plastic, plastic, steel, Iron, aluminum, copper, tin, brass and even we accept mixed scrap.

We have our own scrap yards where we segregate the whole items including Paper, Books, Textbooks, Magazine, Newspaper, Cardboard, Plastic, Soft Plastic, Glass, Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Tin, Copper and Brass by its type and deliver it to the recycling industries to recycle your waste scrap and bring back to you in a proper way and also to reduce landfills.

Anything we can recycle, just refresh your thoughts. Don’t leave on others, take a step forward and book a pickup request today. We always have time to pick up your scrap.

Team crapbin.