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Hyderabad, well-known as the “city of pearls” having different cultures and languages. The city has always developed in its every era and act as capital for its rulers, has an estimated population of 8.70 million, with a population density of 18,400 people per It’s the 4th most populous city in India.

Its land is continuously spreading from all sides because of the settlement of families and due to this, the city is generating 4000MT of garbage waste on a daily basis. You have to know that we can recycle 60% of waste out of what we through daily in our dustbin.

Rag pickers collected just 8% of recyclable scrap waste from the daily garbage waste and delivered it to the recycling centers. Remaining municipal authorities disposed to form landfills instead of adopting the practice of recycling.

Landfills are filthy, foul-smelling, ugly sights that are releasing methane gas into the atmosphere, while incineration releases carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the air. Landfills even destroy groundwater quality and to overcome these issues we can do a favor for ourselves.

Keeping these issues our motto we established crapbin. It’s a waste management company for recycling scrap waste. We are an online service provider, we work to reduce waste. We will pick up your scrap waste direct from your doorstep. Our convenient doorstep service will give you instant cash, accurate weight, best prices, respectable service and more importantly 
green guarantee.

Scrap alias crap, junk, kabad, raddi, waste material, discarded material, rejected material, rubbish, and trash. We have our own scrap yards where we segregate the whole items what you delivered to us including Paper, Books, Textbooks, Magazines, Newspaper, Cartoons, Plastic, Glass, Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Tin, Copper, brass, Electronic, E-waste, batteries etc., by its type and deliver it to the recycling industries to recycle your scrap waste and bring back to your shelf for usage.

#Think Green, Go Green!

Recycle scrap waste to save our natural resources. If we recycle one plastic bottle we can save enough energy to use a 60 watts bulb for three hours. If we recycle one ton of waste papers we can save 17 trees. Just imagine the importance of recycling scrap waste.

If you have books, newspapers, papers, magazines, Textbooks, Plastic, Iron, glass, Steel, aluminum, tin, copper, brass, batteries, etc., just go to our website and book the pickup request. We always have time to pick up your scrap waste. We will be at your doorstep within a given time and serve you and the society for the benefit to our economy and environment.

We recycle today to give our children a healthy tomorrow.

Team crapbin.


India and its waste management problem

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Today, with a rise in health awareness, lifestyle, convenience (door step services), pollution, land fillings and many more reasons allow us to think out of the box. And after months of extensive industry and market research we take step to join this vast and un-organized waste Recycling Industry and established crapbin.

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